Why is the Rummy game, called Rummy?

The famous game as we all know as Rummy, is an old game that was invented somewhere in the mid 1700. Some other versions are talking about the first Rummy to be played in Spain, Thailand and even the Great Britain.  Since nobody is sure about the real place where Rummy was played for the first time, all the talks about it are agreed. The name of the Game, RUMMY, is as well the famous name of the popular game and like the place it was invented, there are many talks about where is the name came from.

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Here are some idea’s and different speculations regarding the source of the name Rummy:

1. One of the versions of the old poker game is called Rum Poker. Since the game itself is very similar to the Rummy we all know today, they believe that the source of the name Rummy is from this Poker version.

2. British slang for the words odd and queer, is Rum
. I have heard that slang in eastern London not so long ago. It’s not so far from the true to imagine some 19’s century British guys looking about the rules of the new poker game that they have just heard of and describing it as queer game.

3. If we talked about British Rummy players, we can raise the Dutch version for the world Rummy. Dutch sailors drank Rum like water, the glass that used to be familiar with the Rum drink was called Rummer, but in Dutch language, you hear it as Rummy. I’m not sure if the sailors of the Dutch ships used to play Rummy while traveling around the globe, but as for their language, this is the most common source for the name Rummy.

4. The following one is not a suggestion for the play Rummy, but its an idea for improving the game. All you have to do is to buy a bottle of fine Rum and register to your online rummy account. Go and play some hands, each hand that you are loosing will get you a nice shot from the Rum bottle. Win- earn money, loose- earn drink.

As far as I can see, its not a big thing about the name of the game, where is it from and who invented it first. Rummy games and Rummy online games are source of good time and option to earn some money. If you still didn’t joined the community of Rummy players, go and join one, if you didn’t joined any online Rummy room, I suggest you do in one of the recommended Rummy rooms.