Online kalooki

Basic Kalooki Rules – how to play Online kalooki.

One of the most favorite Rummy games is the Kalooki.

Kalooki known for the great skills needed in order to win the game, more skills than other online games. You can play kalooki or online kalooki head to head against one player only, or up to four players in one table.

Similar to other Rummy games, kalooki’s main goal is to be the first player to finish melding all the cards. You get rid from your cards by melding them to sets and runs and lay them down as your last act at the Kalooki round. the tricks to win are inside the Online Kalooki Strategy notes and tips information.

Set of card contains three or four cards, all with the same value. A run are three cards or more, all with the same suit, all consecutive. During your turn you have to draw a card from the main pile and to discard another card. By changing the cards in your hands, you actually looking to meld them all into sets and runs as mentioned above.

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Important fixture in the kalooki game is the building option. In contrary to other Rummy games, in kalooki you can build new or build into the consisting sets and runs that you have already melt in previous turns. In addition you can build into sets and runs that your opponents melt, and by that you have more options to get rid of your cards.

Building in kalooki is taking place in one of the two:

1. Adding the forth card into a set of three cards. You cannot add the same suit card if it is already exists.
2. Adding matching consecutive card to the beginning of a Run or to the end of it.

Since you have the Joker card on the kalooki game, you must pay attention to hove to use it while building. You cannot add the Joker as a normal card anytime during the kalooki round, you must follow these orders:

* If you already have a Joker in a set of cards, you cannot add another Joker to it, unless it a suit that not exist yet.
* You cannot take a Joker from closed four cards set. It may never be released.
* If the set contains three cards and two of them are Jokers, you can replace one of the jokers with your suited card and take the Joker to yourself.
* In case you have a Joker in a Run on the table, you can release the Joker by replacing it with appropriate card. Remember- you cannot add the Joker to your cards in your hand, you must use it in the same turn to meld more sets and runs on the table.

How to win rounds of kalooki game? Well there are two ways to do that. If you want to win kalooki you must find the way to be the first to Hunt, or going out.

Hunt in kalooki- you have no unmatching cards in your hands, and you meld all your cards on the table into sets and runs. When you lay down all your cards and you discard the last card into the discards pile, you actually won the kalooki round by Hunting.

Going out in kalooki- similar to hunting just that you do not do that all at once. You take the rounds of the kalooki game to meld more and more cards, you get rid of some, but finally, you are the one to meld all your cards to sets and runs, first.

When the kalooki round is finished you cannot lay off your cards. Unlike other online rummy games when you can lay off your cards, in kalloki you cant match any of your cards into the sets and runs even if you have some cards for that- after the winner have won the round.

Since the kalookitakes more skill than other online rummy games, usually online rummy rooms give higher bonuses for kalooki players. The winner of each kalooki round is awarding with 40 points while his opponents are penalties with double points of their remaining cards value. This are the scores in case of winning the kalooki by hunting. If the winner went out, he gets 20 points, while his opponents are penalties with the amount equal to the value of their cards.