2008 World Series of Gin Rummy

2008 World Series of Gin Rummy

Check the good Rummy news for all Rummy players. The World Series of Gin Rummy will take place in The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV, In May 18-21, 2008. This is not the first time we are talking about the biggest Rummy even in Las Vegas. The World Series of Rummy is the biggest event you can join in order to play Gin Rummy with friends at the heart of the desert, in the City of Las Vegas.

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The World Series of Gin Rummy is the biggest annual event in the Gin Rummy industry. Rummy players from all over the world are coming to play and to take part in the Rummy event. In the great tournaments, there will be Rummy games, Kalooki and Oklahoma Gin Rummy. Some more tables for Mexican Rummy, Russian Rummy and Rummy 500, in case people will like to play.

The tournament fees are: $1200 to join the singles tournament and $300 per person, in order to join the WSOR. If you compare the Rummy fees to the well known Rummy fees at the poker big events, you can easily notice that Rummy is a new game and the future is still ahead of it.

Since many online Rummy players and Rummy in the World Series of Gin Rummy fans from all over the world already planning to come to Vegas in May, the managers of the Rummy tournament announced that an additional tournament will take place in August 23-25 in St. Louis, Missouri, and another Rummy tournament in November 16-19 in Las Vegas.