Rummy rules

All Rummy online games, if it’s Gin Rummy, Kaluki or another, combine both high gaming skills and some luck. Since the game is well known around the world, you can find yourself playing Rummy online against good and professional players. Since you are playing Rummy and not luck games like Casino, you need to know the basic Rummy rules if you like to have fun and to win.

Rummy Rules

Rummy online games are for 2-6 players at each table, the best for new rummy players is to start with four players game, which is the most common Rummy game online.

Standard pack of 52 cards is dealt between the players, when the highest card you can get is a King, and Ace is the lowest.  Basic Rummy rules are the most important ones, the remaining cards, the ones that wasn’t divided to the players, will remain in the main pile and be used as new drawing cards during the game.

The main goal in all Rummy games is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards. You can do that by melding and arranging the cards into Sets and Runs. Some Rummy games like Kalooki, have the option to lay the cards on the table during the game, other Rummy games like Gin Rummy will allow you to meld all the cards in your hands and laying them all at once at your last turn. All the needed Rummy rules and the basic Rummy rule in order to play Rummy online are available on the Play Win Rummy site.

Your turn in the Rummy game will be as following:

1. Drawing new card from the main pile or a discard card from the discards pile. This new card, like in other card games will help you to refresh your options to win the game.

2. Look at your cards, calculate your odds and make the best to meld your cards into Sets and Runs.

3. Discard no needed card to the discard’s pile.

More tips about how to win Rummy and general Rummy rules to come, good luck.