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The Rummikub online game became very popular among families and friends who played the game off line for decades. Today you can play Online Rummikub online for fun and for real money. Free Rummikub games and Rummikub tournaments are all available as well.

Playing Rummikub Is easy like other Rummy games such as Gin Rummy and Kalooki. Player needs to draw a tile, meld his tiles on his board and discard another tile. The goal in order to win Rummikub is to meld all your tiles into sets and runs as soon as possible.  The best thing to play with, Is the manipulation option. You can and should manipulate the tiles on the table as you like, in order to win the game. You can take the 6 tile from the series of four 6 ‘es  and use in on order to finish your Run of 4-5-7 that you have in hand.

Winning Rummikub online player is the one who ended all his cards and discards the last tile on the table. Then, according to the specific game rule, other players gain penalty points.

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