Online Kalooki strategy

UK card players call it the best Online Rummy game, but we all know it as online Kalooki strategy is the new cards game that involves high strategy and players skills. The unknown cards you get at the beginning of the cards game, the cards you pick during the game and the Sets and Runs you meld, are part of the skill to use.

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Kalooki is played with two packs of playing cards; this is why you must remember that you can get the same card twice. Watching the cards on the table and memorizing the cards you see, can help you to predict the next cards. Its going to be double hard than Gin Rummy, where you play with one pack of cards only. The online Kalooki Strategy tips are the most important tips fr you to play Kalooki and win the games.

Best online Kalooki strategy tips:

· Call Kalooki as soon as you can

· Lay down whatever you can, the idea is to have as little penalty points.

· Try not to meld a set or run at a point that other kalooki players can build on. Even if its at later stage.

· If another players have already melded their cards and laid down- never wait for a Kalooki.

With these tips you can both enjoy more out of your games and also win real money Kalooki games. This is the time to start your play Kalooki online experiment, this is the place to start on play Win Rummy site. Learn all about the most important Kalooki Strategy tips on the Play Win Rummy site.