About the Rummy 500 game

Note: You can choose to play Gin Rummy online, Kalooki Rummy, Oklahoma Rummy and traditional Rummy game with Rummy royal. Although the Rummy 500 is getting more and more popular, you still can play Rummikub versions online and its hard to find Rummy 500 software. This info about the Rummy 500 game is important for new players.

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Play Rummy 500 is much fun because one major different to the other rummy games online. I like the Rummy 500 especially because the history of the game and the special thing that you can draw more than one discard card.

In order to win, you will need your own Rummy 500 strategy, you must be the first player to have 500 points. In your turns you will have to draw cards and discard other cards, doing your best to meld them into sets and runs. Set of cards are three cards or more, with different suits and the same value. Run are three or more consecutive, all with the same suit. Cards value at Rummy 500: 2 to 9 cards- all worth 5 points. Also the Ace card, 10 card and all the faces, Royalty family- 10 points, Jokers are 15 points.

In Rummy 500 players can pick up in their turn, more than one card from the discard pile. While doing that, they can call “Rummy” in case they identified cards that can form a valid meld.

You can win the Rummy 500 game in two ways, one of the Rummy players got kicked out of the game, or the main pile of cards is over.

Rummy 500 Strategy

1. Take a look at your opponent’s cards, if they have few cards left only, this is your time to get rid of high value cards. If you will loose with high deadwood cards, you can heart your score. This Rummy 500 tip if good also for other Rummy games you can play online.

2. Since the Rummy 500 special fixture, make sure you do not discard a card that can meld into the cards that were discarding before you. You do not want to help the other online players to have good set or a run with the discarding cards.

3. You have to take good look on the table at any time. The melded cards on the table can help you know which cards are in your opponent’s hands. If Rummy 500 round is about to end and you see two Kings on the table, you can be sure that discarding your King is a safe move.

4. Since the discard pile is shown to all, use this info to guess what cards your opponents are looking for, don’t discard those cards.

5. Rummy 500 players use the option to go gin often. It’s easy than other Rummy games to go gin fast by calling “Rummy” and to get rid of all the cards at once, using the Rummy melds on the table. Be alert for that.

Rummy 500 players like the Rummy game in general and the Rummy 500 in specific. The special things about the Rummy 500 made his a wanted game among ex poker players. Rummy games online are usually the often games we all know like Gin Rummy and Kalooki games. More and more non US players decide to deposit and play Rummy 500 online and websites understood that. Looking for more details about the Rummy 500 game ? come to play.

Try your skills; train your Rummy experience with Rummy 500 game. You can play Rummy and win your games online, take your real money accounts and try the Rummy 500.

Good luck.

Free Rummy 500 – Click Here