Canasta Cards game

The Game of Canasta

The Canasta game was Invented in the early 20th century, since the 50’s, it become more and more popular.Canasta, is a “match the cards game, very much like Gin Rummy. The goal to win canasta is to meld all your cards in the same rank and go out by discarding on the table to actually lay them down on the Rummy table. The name of the game- Canasta, came from Spanish and it means “Basket” , basket your cards on the Rummy table

How to play Canasta?

The big difference between Canasta and the Rummy traditional game is the 7 card. Using the Seven value card inside your melds, will get you a special bonus during the game. The 7 card called the Canasta card, try to use it when you play Canasta online. At the moment, there is no online Canasta software to download. Canasta players usually play Gin Rummy and Oklahoma Rummy online because they can not find online Canasta to enjoy. Many online Rummy games providers like Rummy Royal are working to bring the Canasta cards game to the online world. If you still like to learn how to play Canasta and how to win Canasta rounds, you can have all the info on play-win-rummy blog.

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