Canasta game

While there are hundreds of classic card games, the modern era has seen the vast majority of popular card games converted into electronic options as well. For example, consider the Canasta game that usually requires two full decks of cards and a number of players. This is one of the most popular electronic and online games, even though it is also considered an old-fashioned game too!

A Canasta game can be found in a number of variations at the many online Rummy sites and game rooms, and it is a wise idea to

Canasta Game

download a site’s software in order to access their free tutorials and game handbooks. In this way, you can play a Canasta game first against the computer, then in a handful of “free games” against fellow enthusiasts, and only when you feel confident enough you can then play for “real money” if you so choose.

Canasta is similar to Online Rummy because it is a draw and discard game. The rules for Canasta vary a bit because it uses a different system of “melds”. Melds are the groups of cards that each player can arrange their hand into, and which are then “laid off” on the table top. In Canasta there is a special meld that must contain at least seven cards and which can be called natural or dirty depending upon the cards that the meld contains. This meld is known as “canasta” and every player usually needs to get this before they can “go out” at the end of the game.

The modern Canasta variants all use the original rules, but the online venues make it extremely exciting because there are so many variants available. For instance, at a single site a player might be able to engage in a game of Classic Canasta and then head directly to a Joker or Cuban Canasta game as well.