Canasta Rules

If you are interested in learning the Canasta rules it helps to know that the game is remarkably similar to another classic “draw and discard” card game, which is usually referred to simply as Rummy.

In both the Rummy and Canasta rules, the player is dealt a hand of cards and must follow the appropriate format to create “melds”. Melds are groups of cards that might run in a series or contain a pre-established range of cards, and once the player has enough of them they can then “layoff” the melds on the table. The Canasta rules include a series of seven or more cards that are given the name of the game – a “canasta” –  and most games require that each player get at least one in order to win.

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The rules also include the ways in which games are brought to completion and which sorts of cards are considered to be “wild”. What is interesting about Canasta is that it has specific rules about the dealing of the cards, how the discard pile is managed, and the way in which a player “goes out”. Any variations of these rules tend to give the Canasta game a new name or description.

For example, there is Classic, Modern American, Canasta for two to six players, Bolivian Canasta, Joker Canasta, Cuban Canasta, and many more. Additionally, the modern world of online casinos and game rooms means that there are also electronic versions of most Canasta variants too.

One way to master all of the different variations in the rules is to find a site offering the different Canasta Rummy games and then to use the site’s tutorials in order to engage in a few live or computer games. Many good sites also offer free software to download and this is an excellent way to really refine your knowledge and skills.