Free Mahjong Online

You might be somewhat familiar with the game of Mahjong if you own a relatively new computer. This is because an electronic variety of Solitaire is loaded to most modern computers, and uses the famous Mahjong tiles as inspiration. This, however, is not the same game as the free Mahjong online games appearing in many sites on the Internet.

This sort of free Mahjong is closely connected to the classic Rummy card games, with the exception that it uses tiles instead of cards. There are 140 tiles in three different suits and with each numbering from one to nine. The names of the suits are Dots, Bams, and Craks, and each of these suits appears four times in the set. The standard free Mahjong online also includes bonus, color, and directional tiles too.
The rules of the game for online options are identical to the traditional table variants, and all players receive thirteen tiles to begin. Each player is racing to develop a winning hand of fourteen tiles through a series of “turns”. These turns use the “draw and discard” method of classic Rummy, with players being obliged to follow this system on each of their turns.

The winning hands for online Mahjong must always include four groups of three and a single matching pair of tiles. The groups are called Chows and will need to have three tiles in the same suit or in a sequence. There are also Pungs which are simply three matching tiles. Just like in table versions, as soon as one player manages to develop this winning hand, the game automatically ends and the scoring begins.

Most free games of Mahjong online will not provide for any cash winnings or prizes, just like Online Kalooki, Rummikub and other Rummy Games. This is because none of the players will have contributed to a pot. Some, however, do allow players to keep track of their scores and points in order to help them improve their skills and techniques.