Free Rummikub

Rummy games are among the oldest and still most popular of all modern card games. The variant of the game known as Rummikub appeared in the 1940s and was a version that called for a few special rules and special tile pieces. The rules are only a bit different, and today a player doesn’t even need to own an actual set of tiles thanks to the many playiong  free Rummikub opportunities available.

The free Rummikub games accessible online will still use the tiles in red, yellow, blue and black and will still have the same “jokers” that are imprinted with a face or other character. This means that there will still be the one hundred and six tiles with two of each number (in each color) ranging from one to thirteen. These electronic tiles will be put to use in the exact same manner as standard Rummy playing cards, and players will still be trying to rid themselves of the tiles that they were dealt as quickly as possible.

Someone playing free Rummikub will need to know how to “meld” using traditional “groups” and “runs”. The groups will still consist of three to four tiles of the same number, but in different colors. The runs will still need three to four tiles in consecutive numbers, but in matching colors. Just like standard Rummy, the Rummikub games available online will also ask that a player waits to begin laying down their melds until they have a value of at least thirty points or more.

What is so interesting about the Rummikub online game is that players can use their own tiles to create melds from any on the table. This means that a neighbor’s groups and runs are open to a player during their turn, and this is often the reason that Rummikub is such a fast-paced and highly strategic game.