Free Rummikub Online

When someone learns to play any of the Rummy games they usually understand that most use a different number of cards. When they want to learn about free Rummikub online, they also discover that this game uses an entirely different set of equipment too. For example, the Rummikub games demand a set of tiles rather than cards, and this means that the overall “looks” of free Rummikub online are a bit different than standard varieties.

What do the tiles look like? Though the designs might differ from site to site, they will all come in yellow, blue, red and black. There are two of each tile, which means there are a total of one hundred and six tiles (which includes the two Jokers as well) numbered one to thirteen. This is similar to a game of Rummy using two decks of standard playing cards, but the rules vary a bit as well.

For example, when someone plays free Rummikub online they cannot begin placing melds on the virtual table until they can lay down a group or run (or combination of them) with a value of at least thirty points.

Naturally, it helps to know exactly what groups and runs are before beginning the game. They are the same as in a standard game of Rummy, meaning that groups have three or four tiles of the same number, but in different colors. This would mean that a red five, black five, and yellow five form a group. The run must contain three or more consecutive tiles, and all in the same color. This means that a five, six, and seven in the color red is an acceptable run.

Players can add tiles to the runs and groups already placed on the table during their various turns. This includes the tiles of the other players seated around the tables too, and this is what often makes Rummikub so different from other versions of the classic card game.