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The Rummy game can be played for free. In order to play rummy you don’t need money all you need is a deck of cards and someone to play with. If you don’t have a deck of card you can make one, but the best solution is to simply buy a cheap deck of card.

There are various game versions to the Rummy game, the most popular one is the Gin Rummy game but there are other versions that are popular world wide like the Kalooki  game which is similar only that it makes a use of the Joker cards.

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Rummikub is another game from the Rummy family, unfortunately in order to play rummikub you will need to buy the rummikub game and it won’t be free, but you can find a free rummikub game version online.
The best things in life are free and so is the free rummy game version offered by Rummy Royal. You can play free rummy online at rummy royal without having to worry of having real money. They offer a free version in which you

can play with people from all around the world and participate in free rummy tournaments.
In Rummy Royal you also get a free no deposit bonus to play free rummy for real money. You can turn this $5 into a lot if you are a good rummy player. You can also switch to playing for real money at any time you like.

If you are used to playing free rummy with your family you can also let them know they can play online, heck, you can invite them to sit with you at the same table at the online free rummy game version and play virtual rummy online.
When you feel you are too good to play for free, you can always switch to the real money rummy game version and play the tournaments and games for real money. You can actually make a living playing rummy like professional poker players make a living playing poker.

Enjoy your free rummy game version, it doesn’t always have to be for real money if you like to play for fun like I do, you can stick to the free rummy games version and stay there for life, rummy is a great game and it doesn’t have to involve money, only if you really want it to.

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