Gin Mexican Rummy rules

The rules of Gin Mexican Rummy are as follows. Cards with the value 8, 9 and 10 of all types of suits are left out of the playing pack. Two players are allowed to take part in Gin Mexican Rummy. Ten cards are given to each player to play Gin Mexican Rummy. “Go out” is the main aim of both the players. This is possible by melding 11 cards. Melding allows a number of combination and sets. The melded cards should always have the face upside. One combination which is allowed in Gin Mexican Rummy is a short of three or four cards which have the same rank. For example 3 or 4 cards of the value eight of all kinds of suits, are allowed to form a short. Another combination allowed would be a sequence.

A sequence would have from three to eight cards of the same suit in it. The cards have to be in consecutive order. The card with the face of seven is always followed by the Jack. Ace can be made a part of only the Ace-2-3 combination and not of the Queen-King-Ace combination. A sequence should never contain more than eight cards. This is because a player has to meld exactly eleven cards to win Gin Mexican Rummy. This would need at least two combination, one having a minimum size of three cards, while the other combination can have a maximum of eight cards.

Finally any player can start Gin Mexican Play Rummy by simply taking the top card of the Stock on the table. This card can then be used to meld by the player or passed off, so that next player has the option of using the card. In case the first player uses the card to meld, the player would have to discard one of the cards from the hand in exchange of the card taken from the stock. The card discarded by the player can again be used by the next player for melding. This process will go on till one of the players opts for “Go out” or till the players run out of “stock”.