Gin Romme

Gin Rommé

Gin is a timeless ability pack of cards. The play is simple to learn and play.Gin Rommé is fast, durchdacht and excitingly. The winner of the play is the player, who puts down at one time as first all its maps – this step is called Gin Rummy . Another profit course consists of the placing of all maps at one time with one ” Deadwood” – Number of 10 or less – this course becomes as knocking (” Knock”) designated. There is still the possibility last that a player wins the play, by having a bad score, which is lower, as those of the Klopfers – one calls this ” Undercut”.


The goal of the play is it to arrange so many maps on your hand into sentences and sequences:
A sentence consists of three or more maps of the same group.
A sequence consists of three or more maps, the same indication.
A further objective is to be reduced the total number of mismatching maps on the hand of the player (bad number) so far that you below that of the other players lies. There are three kinds of making points regarding profit of the Gin Ringspiels: ” Gin romme” , knocking and undercutting.

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The play

In a 2-Spieler-Spiel each player receives 10 maps. In a 3-4-Spieler-Spiel each player receives 7 maps.
” The remainder of the maps is put down upward as pile with the back. The highest map of the remainder pile is uncovered and forms the release pile.
A standard course consists of two parts:
Pulling – a play course begins with the pulling of a map of the release pile (with the back downward) or from the normal pile (with the back upward), which is then added to the maps on the hand.
Throwing off – around your play course to terminate a map from the hand maps must be put on the release pile with the picture upward.
If the card deck goes to pulling to end, the release pile is turned and used upward again as pile with the back. The map, which the player, who was thrown off was as the latter at the course, is put down upward as release pile with the picture. Gin romme A player “Gin” , has everything has its hand maps at one time put down without any bad maps.


Instead of the Gin to put a player can the play also by knocking for itself decide. Around this to do the bad score must amount to less 10 or.
The other players know their maps only at the hand of the Klopfers placing and only to original-corrode.

For example: The Klopfer has…
and one the opponent puts….off, the next opponent cannot…. placing. Klopfer has: The first opponent puts down to it: Next opponent may not do to it placings: This helps, which is points of bad of the opponents to reduce and a reward for holding back the maps, from which the opponents are quite safe that these are used by the Klopfer.
An example of the placing (2 players):

The Klopfer terminates with:
The opponent can distribute two rows and the bad score consists of…
and two four. In this case the opponent the boys placings and the heart 6 can on the placing of the Klopfers, in order to reduce its bad score of 24 to 6 points!
Please note that the player may not do maps on the mismatching maps of the opponent placing. Please note that if a player makes a Gin, which may not do opponent maps on the Gin hand placing. This is one of the advantages of the Gins. Undercut if the knocking value of the not Klopfers lower or equal as ” Klopfen” the Klopfers is, wins the not Klopfer and receives special 20 points. One calls this an UNDERCUTTING. The play result
Struck (points of punishing)
” Gin” nen – sum of the points of bad + 25 points of punishing
Knock – sum of the points of bad minus the points of bad of the Klopfers.
Undercut – sum of the points of bad minus the points of bad of the undercutting. The Klopfer receives ten points of punishing specially.

Disbursement table for Ringspiele:
The winner receives always at least 75% of the Preispottes, the other 25% to the remainder of the players is divided. The portion of these players is computed by the proportion of their points to the points of winner, as long as they have less than 50 points of punishing.