How to play rummy

Rummy is a game with many variations. It is known worldwide and played differently in each country. The common rummy game rules are the same and so once you know how to play on kind of rummy games ( Kalooki, Canasta, Gin etc ), you will be able to play all type of rummy games.

The Basic Rummy Game Rules (or how to play rummy)

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Before you start you need:

1.    2-4 players – You can play with even one more person. The game is quick which means even if you play with 4 players, an average game duration is around 5 minutes.

2.    A deck of 52 cards.

3.    Table – nothing special about that table, just somewhere you can place the cards.
The Game:

All the players are dealt 10 cards and in a single turn a player must draw a card from the deck pile and discard a card to the discard pile.

Players need to arrange the cards in their hands into sets and runs. A set is three or four cards with the same rank and different suits – for example: 8 clover, 8 hearts and 8 diamonds. A run is three or more cards with the same suit in sequence for example: 3,4,5 of hearts.

Eventually the goal is to meld the cards arranged in sets and runs on the table before the other players do.
Players can lay off cards – add cards to existing melds and by doing so getting rid of more and more cards in their hands.

The winner is the player to get rid of all the cards in his hand by melding them and discarding the last card.
In case the stock (deck pile) runs out the discard pile is reshuffled and becomes the stock pile.

The losing players will get negative penalty points equal to the value of cards in their hand.

In the basic rummy game, joker cards are not played. In the Kalooki version of rummy (mainly played in the United Kingdom) Jokers do take part in the game and are considered strong cards.

In the rummy game, the cards carry the same value printed on them, the Ace card usually worth 1 and the Jack, Queen King are woth 11, 12 and 13.

Rummikub is the Rummy game version played with plastic tiles with numbers printed on them (1-13) the rules and object of the game is the same the only difference is the tools which are the tiles and the tile holders which are sold as a board game which is considered to be one of the most popular games in the world. These basics will teach you hoe to play Rummy online, but still you will have to practice and prepare yourself to the real games.

If you want to really learn how to play rummy online you can do so online, as more and more websites are offering the rummy game online, they have nice tutorials which help new players learn to play rummy and get started playing in minutes.

In addition you can learn how to play rummy by actually playing for free online. This is the best way to practice rummy and get started playing instantly.

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