Italian rummy

Italian rummy

As far as I know, the Italian players like to play Gin Rummy online. There are many versions to play rummy online in Italy, and even more games open for the Italian players. Italian players- come a briscola o a scala quaranta.

Italian online players also play poker and Casino games online and they are big part of the gaming community online. There are many brands for Italian people and even more for Italian who speaks English. Italian Players likes to play one of the following Rummy games:

Scala quaranta in lingua: the best scala quaranta game online.

Ramino: similar to kalooki 40 game

Burraco: this is the Gin rummy in the Italian version.

Out from these reasons, there is no Italian Rummy game, which is different from any known Rummy games. Italian players, who are scala quaranta in lingua players, are long time players and they like to make money online with their Rummy skills. If you want to success, come a briscola o a scala quaranta.

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