In order to play Kalooki online you must be a citizen of the united kingdom (UK). Well, actually you don’t. Kalooki is mainly played in the UK but it’s the same international version of the rummy games.

Play Kalooki Online
One of the main advantages of the Kalooki game (or disadvantage depends how the player sees it) is the use of jokers.

Kalooki can be played for fun with friends or family in the traditional kalooki night or for money online. Playing kalooki online for money is a great way to make some extra cash or even work playing kalooki – if you are a good player that is.

This is how playing kalooki online looks like (real screen shot taken at the kalooki table):

Kalooki Online

If you’re interested in learning the kalooki rules you can find them on our blog.

Who does not know Online Rummy and the famous variants Kalooki 40 and Kalooki 51 ?
Have fun playing against the computer challenging it to Rummy and Kalooki“.

Download the Kalooki software and start play online Rummy and Kalooki games

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