Kaluki 51 ( Kalooki 51 )

Since there is new Rummy game to play online, the Kaluki 51, I would like to say few words regarding the rules of the game. How to play Kaluki 51 online?

play kaluki 51

In order to play Kaluki 51, you will need two decks of cards, including the Jokers. It means 106 cards to play with. Now when play Kaluki 51 you have the chance to get the same card, twice.

When you draw a card, all the Kaluki 51 opponents will wait for you to take the discard cards. The idea of this move is that you can remember the card you took and the other Kaluki 51 players do not know which card is not more available for them. At least not two of the cards. On the contrary, always look which cards your Kaluki 51 opponents are discarding, because if you have the same card as a discard one, you are the only Kaluki 51 online player who knows that this card is no longer on the stock.

The special Kaluki rules is taking place while playing Kaluki 51 as well and you must meld total amount of 51 before you go down with your Sets and Runs at the first time. As soon as you reached 51, you are ready to start laying your cards down on the Kaluki 51 table. Now, as other Rummy games, you are ready to start building your Sets and Runs using the remaining cards in your hands.

In order to win Kalooki 51 you need to look and remember the cards on the table in the first rounds. All the other Kaluki 51 opponents will wait till the time they can and they will go Kaluki 51 (Going Kalooki) in order to win. If you wish to Going down, take a close look on the melding area, you do not want your opponents to go Kalooki and you might consider going down and get rid of some cards as soon as you can.