Liverpool Rummy

Not all Rummy variants can be easily mastered by younger children, but the Liverpool Online Rummy game is appropriate for a wide age range. It demands from three to eight players and uses at least two decks of standard playing cards. The goal is to meet the contract foreach of the hands and to come to the end of the final (seventh) hand with the lowest points score.

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Liverpool Rummy

Liverpool Rummy uses at least two standard decks of playing cards, including the Jokers. The card values are easy to remember with Aces being worth 15 points, Jokers will be worth 25 points, the face cards are each worth 10 points, and numeric cards are worth their face values.

To play a game of Liverpool Rummy requires the players to lay down “bunches” or “straights” in order to eliminate their hands as quickly as possible. The bunches are three or more cards of the same value or rank, and the straights are four or more cards in the same suit sequence. The rounds of the game are usually not in excess of seven, though there are some variations of this.

Before a player can begin laying down just any bunches or straights they must meet the contract of the round. The most common contracts assigned to the hands (in order) are two bunches, one bunch and one straight; two straights, three bunches, two bunches and one straight, two straights and one bunch, and three straights. Only after the player is able to lay down these cards during the specific hand can they then try to eliminate the rest of the cards they are holding.

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Jokers are considered to be wild cards and will substitute for any others. Interestingly enough, if a Joker is used in a combination and laid on the table, it can be picked up by any player who has the actual card, and then used in another bunch or straight.