The old famous Chinese game is now available for playing online; this is the Mahjong popular game. Mahjong is played by four players, although the online versions are also for 2 players (head to head game) and for one player only, playing against the clock.

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Each Mahjong games starts with the 144 tiles in a Pyramid. The design of the tiles, the colors and the numbers can change, but there are always large amount of tiles standing in a way they will be hard to be removed. The rules of the Mahjong game are that you can remove only similar pair of tiles at a time, only the free ones. Means the tile must have a free side where it removes from.

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The history of the game in the old China and the need for high skills and good memory, have made this game popular all around the world. Mahjong is known among the Gin Rummy players since its original game for four players is very similar to the Gin Rummy with the need to meld the tiles into Sets and Runs. Because Mahjong is played with tiles and not with cards, one can think its more look alike the Rummikub game. The most famous Mahjong game, which is played online, is the Mahjong solitaire game.

Mahjong is available to be played online for fun and for real money. There are several of software providers to give the player the platform to play Mahjong online against the system and against other players from around the world. The opportunity to play Mahjong for real money and the need for Mahjong skills and memory are making this game interesting for the players. Live action games on many online casinos are available and the reviews are free.

If you are looking to play Mahjong game online, make sure to open your player account in the right place and to get your first deposit bonuses. Each of the Mahjong games can be played alone, against the clock and the computer and against other online players.