Play canasta

The famous Rummy game- Canasta was IInvented in Uruguay early in the 20th century, and developed in the South America continent since. It gain high popularity during the early 20th century and like Gin Rummy is a matching card games for 2-6 players.

Play Canasta, the object is to meld the cards, just like Gin Rummy and Kalooki games. the meaning of the word Canasta, is Basket in Spanish, is the term of the game- to meld the cards into Runs and Sets.

When you are about to start playing Canasta, You will want to have a pad of paper and a writing utensil to keep score updated. You will need the amount of four Rummy players to play the game, if you are playing online, the software will find them for you.

You might already know that the card game known as Canasta was created in the early part of the twentieth century, which means it is not exactly the most contemporary of past times. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t as popular as ever, and today more people play Canasta online than ever before. The name of this great  Rummy game, which means “basket” in Spanish, may come from the original and traditional tray, which was in use, by the old time Canasta players, to hold the stock and discard cards.

While playing, remember these:

1/ The discard pile is important to follow since it can be frozen with a red three or wild card

2/ At any time, you can’t meld a two-three-four sequences while playing the traditional Canasta

3/ A meld is three cards of the same value set down together on the table.

The most distinctive meld is the 7 card meld, its name is Canasta and the Rummy player which can make this meld, gets special Canasta bonus.

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