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Playing Gin Rummy is a great way to practice your skills. This card game is an easy to learn game but it requires some sophistication as it is not dependent on luck but on skills.

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In order to play Gin Rummy you need 2-4 players to play with you (another player is perfectly fine, the more the merrier), most gin rummy tournaments are held head to head (2 players), You also need a 52 deck of card and you are set.

The basic rules of Gin Rummy requires the cards to be dealt, there are 2 deck of cards, the main deck which is the one the players draw cards from and the discard pile which is where the players discard cards at each turn.

In each turn the players must draw a card and discard a card. During each turn the players has to arrange the cards in their hands into sets and runs and eventually they have to meld their cards on the table leaving in their deadwood (the cards left in their hands) less than 10 points of cards.

There’s another version of Gin Rummy Online called Oklahoma Gin in which the deadwood amount varies from each game (randomly). Both games are the most popular among all Rummy Games.

The first player to meld his cards or go gin (going gin means leaving no cards in the deadwood and by doing so the players almost automatically win the game) is the winner. Other players can perform an undercut on the player who meld his cards and try to meld their card staying with fewer points than the player who meld deadwood. By doing so they win the game and the original players who meld will get a penalty (usually it’s 25 points but it varies).

Players usually play Rummy with their families, there are places you can play with other players, gin rummy clubs and there are even some land based casinos offering Gin Rummy as a card game aside to the poker game (texas holdem).

There’s even a Gin Rummy association offering a yearly tournament of the Gin Rummy game, held usually in Las Vegas and drawing players from all around the world. This tournament carries a cash prize and there’s an entry fee involved.
Another place where you can play gin rummy is online. There are many platforms offering this popular game to play in a virtual version against other players.