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In order to play Kalooki online you usually need a deck of 52 cards or a Kalooki set. You can learn to play the Kalooki game in less than 5 minutes; its simplicity makes it one of the most popular games in the world.

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The Kalooki online Games are played all around the world in different variations, they share the same basic rules which means that even if you are not familiarized with the local game version you can get started and learn it in a few seconds if you know the basic game rules.

You can even play Kalooki online with other players from all around the world, there are several game platforms enabling you to play Kalooki online and participate in around the clock tournaments and even play Kalooki for real money.

This game is exciting and unlike other luck based games it requires a certain level of skill and not only fully dependent on luck. This makes this game a lot more interesting and challenging than other gambling related games like blackjack or poker.
In Kalooki you can also use strategies in order to win games; this proves that it’s not a luck only game. Learn more about all Online Kalooki Strategy tips and information which will help you win the games online.

The most popular game versions are the gin Kalooki, the kalooki (mostly played in the United Kingdom), the Ramino and the Rummy 500. There are many other game versions like Gin Rummy, Canasta and Okey all share the same basic rules of the Kalooki game so in order to play any of these variations all you need to know is the basic Kalooki rules and you can play Kalooki online right away.

The main goal of the Kalooki game is to be the first to get rid of all the cards in your hands, then you will be declared the winner and the other players will be “punished” and receive negative points which will eventually effect their survival in Kalooki tournaments.
The game is played clockwise unless decided differently. Aces in the Kalooki game are worth 1 point, the rest of the cards are worth the value stated on them.