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There are so many Rummy versions to play online and so many different rules, that each can find his own best Rummy of all games to play with family and friends. The Gin Rummy is the popular one in the US and the Kalooki 51 is the UK version. In Mexico you will find the Canasta in Romania the  Rummikub and in the Philippines its the known Tong Its.  Where ever you go, you will find some people playing Rummy with tiles or with cards, exciting about the game, the moves, the sets and runs and so on.

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Rummy is the most popular forms of Card Games and 3rd most played in the world, Gin Rummy is generally played in the United States and the Western side of Europe, by two players each receiving ten cards. Among all, Rummy online games are relatively recent development online and players who wish to gain more relevant and processional  information on the nuances of online Rummy gaming can do some reading on the main sources of Play Win Rummy.