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The game of rummy is one of the most popular games in the world. Much like poker it recently became available on the internet and now you can easily play rummy online for free and for real money.

Play Rummy Online

In order to play rummy online you need to know the rules, have a computer and an internet connection and you are set.

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Most rummy game website have a download version where you need to download a software and register as a player in order to play rummy online, there are website which offer an instant play no download version where you can play directly from the web browser you are using.

There are two different versions you can choose when you play rummy online:

Free – demo version – This version is totally free, you can play rummy with players from all over the world for free.
Real money version – Playing this version you are required to pay a fee for every game you play, if you win the game you win the cumulative amount contributed by all the players at the table (much like poker) and the software provider (the online rummy website) takes a small fee for each game and this is how he makes money and operating the rummy website.

The main advantages of playing rummy online:

1.    Availability – you can play rummy anytime anywhere. Even if you wake up at 2 am you can find someone to play with.

2.    New people – Usually you play rummy with the same people you know – family or friends. Now you have your chance of playing rummy with people you didn’t play with yet and learn new game strategies and test new game levels.

3.    Tournaments – The game platforms offers around the clock tournaments. These tournaments are played with a lot of players. This is something that takes a lot of administration and requires a lot of people but it is constantly done online.

4.    Real Money – This is your chance to use the knowledge you have and make money with it – if you’re a good rummy player – why not making money of it?

5.    Variety of games – Even though the basic rummy rules are the same worldwide, there are versions which you can only play online and the availability of these version lets you experiment these version and choose the one you are best at.

The fact that you can just go ahead and get started playing rummy within minutes makes the rummy online very attractive and there are thousands of people at any given moment playing rummy online.

To get started and play rummy online go to Rummy Royal, either download the software or play directly from the browser.

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