Rummikub is a worldwide known board game which is sold in a box and played with plastic tiles. The game was originally invented by an Israeli who goes by the name of Ephraim Hartzano. The game is now sold worldwide by the KodKod Company based in Israel. The fact that this game is sold in over 100 countries and 57 languages makes it world wide popular game.

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Rummikub is a version of rummy games where the only difference is the fact the game is played with numbered colored tiles instead of cards. The fact that it is played with tiles and not cards means that it is children friendly and this is why it is so popular.

Basic Rummikub Rules

In the Rummikub game you need to create series and sets using the tiles you have at hand. You arrange the tiles on special tile tile holders (much like scrabble) and eventually you need to meld these series and sets you created before the other player playing with you does. In each turn the player must pick up a tile and discard a tile. You can complete sets and runs already meld on to the table by adding relevant tiles by number or color to ones already existing on the table and by doing so getting rid of more tiles.

Rummikub is a skill game more than just luck since it requires the players to use their heads when building sets and runs and the skill factor is more important than the luck factor which takes place when drawing a tile.

Playing Rummikub Online

Recently Rummikub became available online, first Rummy Royal created a tile version of its rummy games which is basically the Rummikub game. Other than that the official Rummikub creator, created a virtual version of its Rummikub game for free and now you can play rummikub and chat and video chat with players from all around the world.

RummyRoyal offers the Online Rummikub version in a play for real money version which lets you compete with other players for real money.

World Rummikub Championship (WRC)

As a memorial to the original creator of the Rummikub game and since the game is popular worldwide, every 4 years the Hartzano family holds a competition called the “World Rummikub Championship” having players from all around the world playing to be champions of the Rummikub game.

At November 2009 the world Rummikub championship will take place in Spain and is going to be bigger than ever. If you wish to sign up to the WRC 2009 you can do so at the official rummikub website.

Download Rummikub game