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There are basically three different Rummikub games to play with the Rummikub set. Many online Rummikub rooms has these three games for all Rummikub players. Hands  Rummikub

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The Hand Rummikub games are all played closed. You show your tiles when you declare Rummikub and you must not meld at all. The winning points are valued between 400 and 2500 points, when the amount of Jokers in your melds counts who won the Rummikub round and who lost it. Since there are more than 35 combination to win the Hands Rummikub game, the winner is the player with the highest valued tiles. For example, if you have all your cards into sets and runs and you used no Jokers, you can get 800 points. Same hand with one Joker will get 600 points and same hand of another opponent, using two Jokers, will get 400 points.

Open Rummikub

The Open Rummikub version is very similar to all American versions of Rummikub, but its not have the melding option. Other Rummikub games, offline and online are giving you the choice to meld your tiles during the game. In the Open Rummikub you must have 50 points before you make your first meld and you always can pick the discard tile from your opponent discards pile. The only time you can not do that, is when you have your last tile in your hand.

While playing Open Rummikub, you must announce when you have three tiles left and when you have your last tile left. These announcements bring more excitement into the Rummikub game, because your Rummikub opponents know that you are close to win the Rummikub game.

Foot Rummikub

While playing Foot Rummikub, you do not have the option to meld at all. You must arrange all your tiles in your hands and expose them when you are done. The game is closed and you can not meld tiles into existing melds on the table. At the end of the game, if you think you won the Rummikub game, you just declare Rummikub- and show your tiles to your opponents.

Winning Foot Rummikub is when you melded all your cards into sets and runs, you must have one run minimum, and the sum of your tiles must be 50 or more. At the end of each round, you must show your 14 tiles to your opponents, even is you didn’t won. Some Rummikub players like to have the option to meld the tiles on the table during the game, this version have got the name- Open Foot Rummicube