Rummikub Rules

In the 1940s a new variety of Rummy game appeared, and it is known as Rummikub. Unlike standard Rummy, however the Rummikub rules and equipment are all a bit unique and different. For one thing, the game demands a set of tiles rather than standard playing cards.

These tiles are numbered from one to thirteen and come in red, yellow, black, and blue. Some of the sets contain “Jokers” and others use a special die to determine which of the traditional tiles will serve as a wild card during a round. Players receive their “hand” just as they would according to traditional Rummy guidelines, but the Rummikub rules also have a few variations in the “melding” process too.

For example, when forming tiles into valid “groups” and “runs”, the player must wait until they can place at least thirty points worth of tiles on the table. After that, however, the Rummikub rules allow them to place tiles on pre-existing melds during their subsequent turns. These tiles can be laid on the player’s own melds, or they can be put on the melds of other players too.

Additionally, the rules for the Rummikub online game allow something known as “manipulation” of the melds on the table as well. Generally, this means that a player who sees a way of using one or more of their tiles to create a new meld can legally take the tiles from another meld in order to do so. The only stipulation is that they cannot invalidate the original meld.

For example, let’s say that a player is holding the red three, five, six, and seven tiles. They see that a neighbor has the group containing the red, yellow, black, and blue tiles in the number four. They are free to take that red four to complete their meld because this leaves the original group in a valid and workable condition.