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The popular version of Rummy game is the Rummy 500 also known as 500 Rum. This game is played among players from all over the world and also available in the internet. The source of the name Rummy500 is the winning line of the game. The winner is the first Rummy 500 players to reach 500 points in total. The game related to the Rummy games group, with the same basic rules. Rummy 500 old time players know to say, that this specific version is high skilled one, fit to the top rummy players on the field.

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Some countries are playing different versions of the Rummy500 games, ( also known as Rum 500 ) under other names like Persian Rummy and Pinochle Rummy. The basics of all these games are similar of course. There are still differences between the games, like that a player can not draw a card from the discards pile, until he makes his first meld, each player is required during the game to discard at last one card before going out and so on. Again, Rummy 500 or 500 Rum rules are the basic for all the above. Rummy 500 is similar to the famous Kalooki game as well, when most of the time you can lay down melded cards on the table, before you end the game. This option allows the players to build Sets and Runs on the table in addition to their own melds.

Paying Rummy 500 is now available online. There are some services and software’s which have this option within their games, for the Rummy 500 players. Like searching and playing others Rummy games, here you can find where to play Rummy 500 online, how to play the game, the basic Rummy 500 rules and additional information about the options for you as a player and as an online player. Online Rummy support is able to guide all new players in the field of Rummy and Rum 500 games. The game is un known to the online players, this is something which is about to be changed soon.

500 rummy card game is sometime referred to as gin rummy500. Its popularity can be explained as it is mainly common in the united states of America and so it should be one of the common played card games in the world.

Playing rummy500 online is rather a new thing and constantly growing. There are several companies offering online rummy500 games such as meggiesoft, there are also websites in which you can play this game for free as well as play it for real money.

The rules of this game are the same in all the websites give or take the only difference is the number of players you can play with and whether there is a fun mode (free) games available.

If you’re looking for online rummy 500 places to play you can try the following website:

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The best strategy for this game is to play aggressively. Don’t go and meld your cards on the table right away but don’t let your opponents beat you to it.  The best thing about the net version of rumy500 is that you can play and chat at the same time, regardless if you downloaded a software or played online using a flash version.

If you don’t know the rules of the rummy500 game you can find the rules in any website you intend to play in. Even though the rules of this game are identical to the rules of just about any rummy game version with the 500 points exclusion.

Go ahead and start playing, get all the relevant help about the Rummy 500 game online, get the free information tips and Rummy 500 strategy notes from the professional players related to play-win-rummy, in order to raise your winning rounds.