Rummy games

Basic Rules of Rummy Games

Rummy can be played with 2-4 players and card deck of 52 cards. Each player in his turn has to pick up a card from the deck and discard a card to the discard pile. The object of game is to build sets and series of cards and to meld them before the other players at the table.

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Playing Gin Rummy game

The famous Kalooki

Rummy 500 – top revenue game

Well known Rummikub

Rummy is a family of games which includes several games played differently all shares the same basic rules. Rummy games online are played worldwide and are gaining constant popularity with time, especially as they became available online.

Different type of Rummy Games

The Gin Rummy game:

There are many rummy game variations, the more common ones are the gin rummy game which is mainly played in the USA and Canada as well as the Oklahoma Gin game which is similar to Gin Rummy with one difference where the rules of melding changes in each game.

Online Kalooki: Other games include Kalooki or Kaluki which is the Rummy game version which is common in The United Kingdom mainly and is played with Jokers unlike other variations of Rummy.

Playing Rummy 500 online: Rummy 500 is another world wide popular variation of Rummy.
Other Way to Play Rummy Games include Canasta, Tripoley and Mahjong.
Since Rummy is an international game, the same rummy game is known with a different name in different countries, for example in Italy, Rummy is called Ramino and the Kalooki 40 game version is called Scala Quaranta which means Scala 40. In Turkey the Rummy game is called Okey and has various versions like Okey 51, okey 101 and more.
In Romania the Rummy game is called Remi and in Germany it is called Romme.

Rummikub game: Rummikub is the same rummy game played with tiles. Rummikub was invented by Ephraim Hartzeno in Romania at the 1930s and became a popular board game as it was friendly for children who are not that familiar with cards and ranking.

Even today Rummikub is the 3rd most sold game in the world .
The biggest advantage of all opportunities to play rummy games is that they are easy to learn, so easy you can get started playing within 5 minutes, furthermore they require no preparations, other than a deck of cards and people to play with. With this information you will be able to play Rummy games and win Rummy games online. Players from all around the world are playing the different Rummy games online with the advantage software.