Strategy Tips to play Gin Rummy.

Online Rummy is about the Discard Pile: Never forget about the discard pile when you are playing Gin Rummy and online rummikub. Memorize the cards and try to use this knowledge to meld your remaining cards. The same Rummy tips will work when you play Kalooki and Oklahoma Gin Rummy as well.

High cards are bad for you: The high cards in your hand are an obstacle. You can use them in order to meld your cards into Runs and Sets but you can stay with them when the Rummy winner will knock. The high cards are the highest penalty points; make sure you do not stick with them too much. When the game is half pack over, get rid of the royal family in your hands.

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Best Rummy player, take his right: Try to sit yourself before the best Rummy player. At this point your effect on the Rummy round will be bigger. You can blog and feed him with bad cards during the game. I know two Gin Rummy players that use this option at their main Gin Rummy strategy.

Melding similar sequence of numbers is the best offense: is you can; meld the same value number is your sequences. For example, if you meld 8 of harts, 8 of clubs and 8 of diamond, you actually block your Rummy opponents from melding a Running sequence of all these cards.

More tips like choosing the right sequence to meld on the table, when to knock on Gin Rummy, how to beat your opponent online will come in the future.