Tile Rummy

If you know how to play traditional Rummy then you can jump right into a game of Tile Rummy too. This is also called Rummikub, Turkish Okey and a few other names, but each uses tiles instead of cards and works just like a regular game of rummy with various ways to blend and meld sets or runs.

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The game first emerged in the 1940s and soon evolved into three common variants known as “American”, “Sabra” and “International”. These have slight variations to the rules, but generally follow the standard procedures.

Tile Rummy

How to Play Tile Rummy

Tile Rummy requires an official set of tiles that come in the colors of yellow, red, blue and black. Each set has one hundred and six in total with two each of the numbers one to thirteen in each color. This leaves two extra tiles, and these are always the smiling faces meant to replace the traditional jokers in a deck of cards. The best about playing tiles Rummy is the different design and features than the normal Rummy games.

To begin a game, the players each pick up a tile and the one with the highest value is the first to play. The game proceeds in a clockwise manner from this player, and each player must pick up a tile at the beginning of their turn and lay one down in order for the game to proceed. Just like regular Rummy, the player can meld tiles, but their first meld must be valued at thirty points or more before it can be set on the table.

For Tile Rummy all players are allowed to create combination from the melds already in place on the table in order to rid themselves of the tiles that they are currently holding. Because each tile holds standard Tiles Rummy values, as other of the Online Rummy games, the scoring system at the end of a round is exactly the same as the regular card variant too.